Want to have a better period and help women everywhere get access to safe period care?

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 VOXAPOD Menstrual Cup
 VOXAPOD menstrual cup is patent-pending, and heading to the market.
 VOXAPOD Founder, Amanda Wilson

How is VOXAPOD™ different?

Every woman’s body is unique. That’s why we spent the last year testing prototypes and gathering feedback from diverse women. We’ve made a few special (and important) design tweaks that we think you’ll love.

“Personally, I just wanted to manage my period without the discomfort and waste of tampons. But the bigger picture is, we live in a time where product design needs to be responsible. We must rethink the way we manage single-use disposables whether it is a plastic water bottle or a plastic applicator." Amanda Wilson, VOXAPOD Founder

Take the #periodchallenge with us and make the switch to a product that is reusable, organic, non-toxic, and non-plastic to manage your period. It's not only healthier for you, but it eliminates trillions of single-use disposable waste that's often laden with chemicals and toxins, which seep into our landfills and waterways, having an environmental ripple effect for centuries.


Our period partners.

Not all women around the world have access to safe period care. Because of this, some women and girls are prevented from getting an education or going to work. With every purchase of VOXAPOD, you fuel our social mission to meet the period care needs of girls in the developing world, so they can stay in school.

No girl should be denied opportunity because of her biology.

Femme International is our global partner in Africa, providing safe period care to those in need and menstrual health education so girls can make informed decisions about their bodies. We <3 them hard. 

 Image credit: periodequity.org, our US partner.

Image credit: periodequity.org, our US partner.

“In order to have a fully equitable society, we must have laws and policies that take into account the reality that half the population menstruates. Menstrual products should be tax-exempt. They should be affordable and available for all, safe for our bodies and the planet. Periods should not hold anyone back, period.” -Period Equity

Take a stand with us and get behind our US partner, Period Equity.  

 VOXAPOD Team. (Also known as, humans embodying the change we want to see.)

VOXAPOD Team. (Also known as, humans embodying the change we want to see.)

Join us to make a difference and raise the standard of period care. We’ve laid a solid foundation, but now it’s time to create the collective. Help us spread the word about our upcoming Kickstarter, which will not only launch the VOXAPOD product into the market, but change these systemic problems that keep women and girls from opportunity. Every woman deserves safe period care—and the time is now.

How can you help?


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#PeriodChallenge. Reduce waste and environmental damage by switching to period care that is #reusable, #organic, #toxicfree and #nonplastic. 

Let’s do this! #strongertogether


The countdown is on.

Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform to fund your project and bring it to life. Our campaign only lasts for so long, and we need your help to create this project and move forward with our mission to ensure that all women have access to safe period care.   Please visit our campaign on Kickstarter today, and back VOXAPOD to ensure all women have access to safe period care.