Risks + Challenges

Estimated fulfillment of pre-orders is December 2018, but is subject to change based on unforeseen risks and challenges. We have worked extremely hard to ready this product for pre-order and full-scale manufacturing and fulfillment, but here are what we see as the risks:

MANUFACTURING: Creating the tooling to manufacture a product like this is expensive and requires expert knowledge to get it right. There is typically a 90-120 day lead time to create the molds for a product like VOXAPOD and this is where delays could occur. To minimize that possibility we're working with tooling manufacturers partners with a track record for prompt quality.

PRODUCT ADJUSTMENTS: As VOXAPOD prepares for production, there will likely be some minor adjustments to improve the final product. Pre-production prototypes are made to test and refine the product and allow us to incorporate our adjustments and those suggested by experienced manufacturing partners. These will always be for the benefit of you, the consumer, and we will let you know exactly how and why any are made.

FULFILLMENT: Sometimes there are unforeseen things that can’t be planned for: a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down, or a shipment gets lost. Those things could cause a delay. To minimize the possibility of manufacturing setbacks we will enter the manufacturing stage with at least one back-up supplier for each component pre-located and my product commercialization experts will help ensure smooth sailing from our suppliers and factories.

We will be working with manufacturers who have years of experience delivering excellent products in tremendous quantities. There will, no doubt, be some surprises along the way, but any obstacle will be addressed by combining our internal knowledge with external expertise, and the overall goal of making the best possible product for you!

Any pre-order amount brings us one step closer to our goal. Be a part of building VOXAPOD by pre-ordering today, or by sharing our page to help us spread the world.  

Cheers to a better period and a more equitable future for women worldwide! THANK YOU for your help!