VOXA POD™ is a period care alternative to pads and tampons.

It folds and inserts like a tampon, but works better.
It's healthier. More eco-responsible.
 And (in our humble opinion) pretty rad.


VOXA POD's innovative, compact design allows you up to 12 hours of leak-free protection to keep up with your life-style demands. With satin, soft silicone and sizing options to fit your body, you'll find comfort that supersedes conventional disposables by miles. We've truly revolutionized the way women do periods. 

All VOXA POD™ menstrual cups are manufactured in the United States using FDA approved medical grade silicone, as well as complying with our own stringent personal standards as a company that seeks the very best for women's health and the environment.  


mission statement

Innovate eco-responsible period management that improves the lives of marginalized girls and allows active women to take on life's adventure.

vision statement

Create a world where every girl can stay in school because she has access to safe, effective, and sustainable period management. 

"The single most effective tool to combat poverty in the world is through the education of girls." -UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan.

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Use Business to Do Good

VOXA POD™ is a social venture and benefit company, holding the notion that business can be profitable while consciously considering people and the planet. Furthermore, intentionally using our business practices and resources as opportunities and tools to do good.

Responsible Design

Innovate products that consider people and the planet first. We take ownership for every step of the production process and supply chain, from the research, development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution because you deserve a product made with integrity and excellence.


Advocating menstrual health as a human right, so that every girl and woman has access to sustainable period management and can menstruate safely and with dignity. Working to ensure that no girl misses school because of her biology.

Collaborative Culture

Collaborate with diverse, exceptional people that take pride in their work, have a passion for a better world and authentically care about people.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Carefully consider our everyday operation methods and practices in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Collaborate with locals and keep things as close to the backyard as possible, while educating women on the environmental impact they have by choosing to manage their period with a reusable product.

Be Authentic

We are more than a brand. We are a company composed of real people doing life, aspiring for a better future, and putting in the work to make it happen. Just like you. We promise to be transparent. To be real. To be human. We are building VOXA POD™ from the ground up with passion and purpose, and we hope you'll join us for the journey.

Inspire Women

Demonstrate branding that portrays women as the strong, intelligent creatures they are--driving inspiration by featuring the adventures, accomplishments, and good that women are doing in the world.

Give Back

Intentionally give of our time, talents and resources to create sustainable social and environmental impact because it is the right thing to do.

made in the USA with love

All VOXA POD™ products are manufactured in the United States using the highest industry standards and regulation. We consciously consider the sources of every part of the production process that goes into making VOXA POD™ products. In doing so, we don't skimp anywhere if it means compromising quality or values. Among those values, we seek to keep production as close to the backyard as possible in effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

While we chose to manufacture our products in factories in the United States, many companies over the years have chosen to move production abroad in effort to acquire the cheapest labor, leaving many domestic factories behind. We take pride in giving our manufacturing responsibilities to qualified domestic technicians that have years of proven experience and quality control. We believe, in the end, this results in the highest quality product for our customers.

the team

We are an inspired, creative lot of people that believes in the power of diversity and collaboration.  We take pride in our work. We embody the social and environmental change on an individual basis that we desire to see in the world around us.  And it just so happens that we have an uncompromising determination to help you manage your period without compromising your health, comfort or the environment. We are not a big corporation; we are real people doing life, aspiring for a better future, and putting in the work to make it happen. Just like you.

more than a brand

Menstrual health management is not just a women’s issue; it is a humanitarian issue. It is our desire to help women be at their best. To give them the opportunity to rise to their own occasion in life. To menstruate with dignity, so they can move forward in their endeavors with confidence. When we help women be their best, we shape a better future for everyone collectively.

We are building VOXA POD™ from the ground up with passion and purpose, and we hope you feel this reflected in our products that have been thoughtfully innovated with you in mind. There are no limits. We are ready to go wherever you go. Let the journey begin.

our promise

We promise to be transparent. To be real. To be human. To always innovate consciously with you and our environment in mind. Because that's just the right thing to do.  And we happen to think it's kinda cool to be that way.

VOXA crew

Founder / Innovator / CEO: Amanda Wilson
Ecommerce / Logistics: Steven Diaz
Community Builder: Elizabeth Tiffany Prescott
Sustainability Coordinator: Emmaly Beck
User Experience Researcher: Brittany Lang
Art Director: Carissa Galloway
Branding Assistant: Ann Lewis
Product Development / Design: Amanda Wilson and Steven Dodson



Forty women from all different backgrounds have been testing VOXA POD and giving feedback. We anticipate product completion in the coming months and need your help to bring it to market!

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