Who set the standard for feminine products?

There are over 1.8 million women menstruating globally, and for the most part, their needs are met with pads and tampons. These disposables are not only toxic, they also require changing every 2–3 hours.

We're here to (loudly) say “no thanks” to all that.


Here are just a few ways that menstrual cups can redefine your month—and your lifestyle.

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More time and flexibility.

With up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, VOXAPOD cups are designed to support the lifestyle of active women from around the globe. This is due to our innovative shape, which is manufactured with FDA-approved medical grade silicone in the United States.

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Silicone is sanitary.

Being naturally hygienic, silicone eliminates the need for chemical bleach and toxins. (Also, "toxic-shock syndrome" should never be a phrase we use in conjunction with a woman’s most feminine parts.)


Cups are

With proper care, VOXAPOD cups last for several years.* That means hundreds of dollars saved for you—and no more late-night "emergency" trips to the store for tampons.

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Less itchy weirdness.

Satiny, soft, flexible and moldable, VOXAPOD cups aren't made of cotton—which means rather than working against your natural fluids, they just slide right in. No more dry, uncomfortable "applications" for you.

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The end of odors.

To make them appear more “cleanly,” most tampons are bleached and are known to contain toxins that lead to adverse health risks. VOXAPOD cups eliminate this process, meaning no more dryness, odors (yuck), strings, padding or interrupting your natural pH balance.


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