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    Based on 137 reviews
    Scared? Don't be.

    I was super scared to try this thing and it sat in my bathroom drawer for almost 3 months before I finally worked up the nerve to try it. I'm so glad I did and I wish I would have sooner. I have two kids and am still trying to shake some babe fat. My pelvic floor muscles are a little weaker but my flow isn't super heavy. I decided to go with the medium and it fits great. I can wear it all day, which helps when I'm trying to keep up with my busy toddlers. It's not smelly like pads and I love that I don't have to deal with tampon pee string anymore. Sometimes I forget I'm on my period. I'd say that's a win. Thank you, VOXAPOD, for making my life easier.

    VOXAPOD Menstrual Cup
    Brittany G.
    High quality and peace of mind

    I was super skeptical thinking about using this, and now I cannot recommend this product enough!!! I’ve used it now for 3 cycles and this is hands down the best investment I have made all year! I did quite a bit of research and comparison shopping before I decided to purchase the VOXAPOD cup based on reviews, design, and price. I’m in my early thirties and have had one vaginal birth and am really active (run, yoga, hike, etc.). I reached out to the company to figure out what size would be best for me, because I wasn’t sure and they said they do free exchanges if the size I get doesn’t work, so I figured what do I have to lose? My flow is pretty heavy in the beginning and then tapers off by day 3-4, which is why I went with the small size and so far it has been perfect.

    I love the packaging, modern travel case, and really helpful how-to guide that has lots of helpful tips in it.

    It’s Comfortable + Saves Me Time - I can feel it for a minute or two after I insert it, and then I honestly forget it’s even there. It’s way more comfortable than tampons and I can go pretty much all day (10-12 hours) without having to empty it. I also like that I can put it in when I feel like my period is getting ready to start and not have to worry about leaking in my nice panties. I don’t have to worry about tampon pee string (ew!) or having to run to the store at the last minute when I realize I’m out or don’t have enough tampons.

    Cool Design - The silicone is really comfortable and soft to the touch. The pinch grips make it much easier to remove and somehow help break the seal. I like that the stem is thick enough to help me reach the cup, but not hard so I can’t feel it––it also doesn’t have a hole in the bottom of it so I don’t have to worry about it being hard to clean. There is a thicker band of silicone in the middle that helps the cup open up after I insert it so I always know I’m getting a good seal.

    Pretty Easy to Use - There’s a learning curve, but it’s not bad. I tried all of the folds, but the C fold was definitely the easiest for me. You basically just fold the cup in half and insert with this fold. I practiced in the shower initially, but I also just get the cup wet sometimes before I insert it to make it more comfortable. It took me a few tries the first time I used it, but overall it was pretty easy to insert. I was more afraid that it would leak, but it never did. After I insert the cup, I find that if I bare down a little or twist the cup, it reassures me that the seal has been made, and that’s probably why I haven’t had any leaks. That, and it seems to just do its job well. To remove, I can usually reach the cup just fine, but if I have ever inserted it too far, I can bare down a little to get the cup to where I can easily remove it. Don’t worry though, it can’t get lost in there. You don’t have to insert it as far as a tampon. In fact, my cup is actually the most comfortable when it sits lower in my vagina. The pinch grips make it easier to get a hold of to remove it and hang onto while emptying it in the toilet. It make take a few tries to get the hang of this, but just relax. I found that when I was vaginal muscles were tense it was harder to insert and remove. All in all, it was surprisingly more easy for me than I thought it would be, but I know it’s different for everyone, so be patient with yourself and don’t give up.

    Cleaner Than Tampons - You only have to boil the cup between periods and rinse it between uses when on your period. I give it a quick rinse in the shower or sink before inserting it, which makes it more comfortable to insert. At first I was nervous about making a mess and thought it would be a nightmare in a public bathroom, but now I just take a wet paper towel or water bottle in the stall with me to wipe it off or rinse it off before I put it back in, like they tell you to. Also, it’s way more discreet than pads or tampons with all of the crinkling wrappers that announces my period to the whole freaking bathroom. I thought it would be smelly after sitting in my vagina, but it’s not stinky at all and I actually feel way more clean than when I was using tampons.

    Saves Money - Okay, this little thing is gonna save me money every single month. It’ll pay for itself in 3 months. I used my Health Savings Account to buy it anyway, so bonus! I know there are cheaper cups on the market, but I wanted one that was made in the USA with quality silicone (not food grade), FDA registered (not just approved), and that had good customer service / return policy. I already worry about putting chemicals in my vagina with tampons, I wanted to make sure I was actually putting something safe in my body. I also love that it’s reusable and ecofriendly––makes me feel better.

    Overall, I love this product and would recommend it.

    Will NEVER go back to tampons!

    You must try this. Even if it doesn't work for everyone, if it does work for you, it's totally worth trying. I blown away at how much cleaner I feel and that I can actually forget I'm on my period sometimes. It's crazy. 10 out of 10 for me.

    Five Stars for Me

    I love this product and recommend it.

    This product is gold!

    I love this product and their customer service is AMAZING! I'll be a customer for life!

    Just get it!

    What is not to love about this thing! I'm spending less money, reducing waste, it's more comfortable and doesn't dry me out like tampons, and I can wear it longer. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend.


    I can't feel it at all and it holds a lot more than I though it would. I ordered the small.

    Worked for me

    I'm 39 and have had 3 vaginal births. I decided to get the small because I'm pretty active and think my pelvic floor muscles are fairly strong and my flow isn't super heavy. It works just fine for me. I haven't had any leaks except in the beginning when I was figuring it out. Now I can go pretty much all day without even thinking about it. I was nervous to try a cup at first, but I'm glad I finally did. I don't miss pads or leaks at all, ha!

    I'm in love!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you VOXAPOD for making such an amazing product. I wish I had had this years ago when I first started my period (which was forever ago, lol). I just bought the small one for my teenage daughter as well and she loves it, too. It took her a little while to get used to because she had only used pads, but we both love it, especially when we go on vacation or have busy days running to volleyball and dance practice. So grateful!

    Love it!

    Let me start by saying I've used two other cups, both which had harder stems and thicker grips on the bottom of the cup which felt stabby at times, but this cup is soooo comfortable. I used to have to adjust my cup sometimes to try to get it in a more comfortable place. I don't know what it is about this cup, but it seems to just find a comfortable spot and then stay there, and I'm loving not having to go back to the bathroom to make adjustments. This is definitely my go-to cup from now on!

    Way more comfortable than other cups I've had!

    Holy hell this thing is amazing. Stop shopping around and just order this. It's way more comfortable than the other two cups I've owned and it never leaks. I've had three vaginal births and went with the medium

    Better for swimming and busy lives.

    This has totally changed my life! My periods are soooo much easier. To me, it was easy to insert and easy to remove once I used it a few times. I haven't had any leaks and it was so much easier to use at the beach when swimming than tampons. I keep recommending this to all my friends!! Definitely worth trying! Plus, I bought from VOXAPOD because they have hastle free returns, and I don't think anyone else does. Either way, I'm keeping mine for sure!

    Perfect for gym, hiking and swimming

    I'm really active and I didn't even know how badly I needed this thing. I picked VOXAPOD because it was tested by athletes and active lifestyles, so I figured it would hold up better. I have gone on 10- 15 mile hikes and camping with it with no problems. I also use it when I'm swimming, running or lifting at the gym and it never moves or leaks. I can't even feel it. I have a really heavy flow on days 2-3 and I have to change it an extra time on those days, but otherwise I can wear it for 12 hours and forget about it. It's amazing!

    Made my life easier!

    I travel for my job and have PCOS so my periods are super irregular and I never know when they are going to show up. I do get a little crampy before I start my period, so I love that I can put this product in when I have symptoms that I'm getting ready to start and can't feel it. I never have to worry about trying to find a store when I'm traveling or trying to fit a box of tampons in my small carry-on. I keep my cup in my purse in the case it came in and in a seperate zipper pouch so it stays clean and I always have it when I need it. It doesn't get trashed in my purse like tampons used to. This has definitely made travel and my life easier and I'm really thankful for whoever created this thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Period problems. Who dis?

    Um, why did I not switch to this sooner. I can even imagine going back to tampons. In fact, I left my cup at my boyfriend's and had to use tampons for a day until I got it back and it was awful. I didn't realize how much tampons dried me out. But seriously, this cup is so comfortable and easy to use compared to another one I tried. I removed the stem because I found I didn't need it and their grippies on the bottom of this cup make it super easy to remove. I can finally sleep in on the weekends without worrying about leaving my tampon in too long. Also, maybe TMI, but tampons would always come out when I would go #2 and this stays in, so I don't even have to mess with it. I don't have to carry around extra disposables when I go out or am at the office and I never worry about leaks. I love, love, love my VOXAPOD!

    VERY comfortable!

    Very happy with my purchase and I recommend it.

    Game-changer for periods!

    The VOXAPOD Cup is a total game changer! I wish I had discovered it sooner. I love having this eco-friendly option and will never go back to using disposable products! Yeah, it takes a while to get used to using, but once you do, it's easy and you'll love using VOXAPOD.

    Small size fit great and I'm saving money!

    I am new to menstrual cups and have always used tampons. I don't think I'll ever go back. I bought two different brands of period cups. This one in particular is comfortable and easy to handle. The small size on this one fit me way better. The material is very soft and flexible and I haven't experienced any leaking. If you're worried about the price, think of it as an investment and how much you'll be saving in the cost of disposable hygiene products every month. It's totally worth it!

    Seriously, the best menstrual cup out there!

    I'm a gymnast and compete regularly. I've used tampons and other cups in the past, but always had to wear backup, which is a problem when you're competing. You can tell this cup was designed for active bodies. It holds up during my most strenuous activities and competitions. I'm so, so happy I found this product. Now I have one less thing to worry about when I'm training, competing, or just doing life. If you've never tried cups, this one is super comfortable and you can wear them longer than tampons so they are way more convenient too.

    Never tried a cup? Do it, you won't regret!

    I hesitated switching to a cup from tampons for almost 2 years. I was nervous it would leak or make a huge mess. I was also worried I may not be able to get it in or out. I thought I would be able to feel it or it might be uncomfotable. My worries were all for not because this thing is so comfortable, even more so than a tampon, which would make me feel dried out sometimes. The key to using a cup is to relax. I promise, if you relax when putting it in or taking it out, you'll be fine. On my heaviest days, I have to empty it out every 4-5 hours, but on the lighter days, I can leave it in all day while at work and not worry about it. It costs significantly less than buying tampons every month, and I replace my cup every year or two even though you can keep it longer. Try it!!

    Very Happy

    Happy with my decisions. Does exactly what it says it will do and I've had no problems or leaks. Very happy with my purchase.

    Very Impressed

    This thing is no joke. I now understand why people preach about these things. I did a ton of research to decide which cup I wanted to try and I really liked the easy removal features on this one and the indents at the bottom. They make it super easy to break the seal and pull out, even with my tail thingy trimmed. I was super nervous to try this thing, so if that is you, don't be. Just do it. It's totally worth it.

    Best purchase all year!

    I love this thing and highly recommend it.

    Works great for sensitive bladder (at least mine, lol)

    It does not bother my bladder and it opens so easily with the punch down fold. I orderd the size small and have had two kids, but have pretty strong pelvic floor muscles so I guess it works for me. My flow isn't very heavy and I can go 12 hours without needing to change it. I absolutely love it.

    My new favorite cup!

    I've had the Saalt cup for 2 years now, but it would leak on me sometimes, so I thought I would try a different one, and my friend told me about VOXAPOD. I am not disappointed. This cup is a little softer than Saalt regular and never leaks on me. I think it might be the design on the inside of the cup that keeps it from leaking. Really loving not having to worry about leaks anymore.