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    VOXAPOD Menstrual Cup

    Size Guide
    Sizing Chart
    Sizing Chart


    🕒  12 hours of leak-free + overnight protection
    🌱 Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, No BPA, latex or plastic
    👌 No dryness or unnatural odors + maintains pH balance
    💸 Washable + reusable for years - reduce waste, save moolah
    🇺🇸 100% medical-grade silicone, Made in USA, FDA registered, woman-owned

    Our patented menstrual cup forms to your unique body shape and creates the most comfortable, leak-proof period experience – no matter what you’re doing. Dreamy, luxe medical-grade silicone and our signature cup features strike the perfect balance of softness and protection for total peace of mind. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

    Includes one reusable VOXAPOD menstrual cup, a storage clutch, and how-to guide with our favorite tips for beginners. *Packaging may vary as we are eco-conscious and try not to waste materials.

    Take the quiz. Find your perfect size.

    No guesswork here. We'll make a sizing recommendation for your body.

    Conscious period care

    🌱 100% premium medical-grade silicone for biocompatibility and maximum durability - non-toxic, naturally hypoallergenic, and no plastic, BPA, or latex.

    Ethically sourced sustainable materials – better for your body and the planet.

    Never worry about leaks or running out of tampons again.

    Go ahead. Take the long vacation and pack light. Sleep in and wake up to clean sheets. Wear your swimsuit without doing a string check.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is VOXAPOD menstrual cup made out of?

    All VOXAPOD® menstrual cups are manufactured in the United States with 100% premium, FDA-approved medical-grade silicone and are non-toxic, dye-free, BPA-free, and Latex-free. We consciously consider every part of the production process and have your health and the planet at the forefront of our decision-making process. Always.

    How much fluid does VOXAPOD menstrual cup hold?

    The small size period cup holds 24 ml (.83 ozs) or about 3 regular tampons. The medium size period cup 37 ml (1.25 ozs) or about 5 tampons.

    How often do I need to empty my VOXAPOD period cup?

    You can wear your VOXAPOD cup for up to 12 consecutive hours but may empty it more often depending on your flow. You don’t have to empty your cup when you go to the bathroom, but you should empty and clean your cup at least 2-3 times in a 24 hour period. After a few cycles, most users know what works best for them and exactly how often to empty their VOXAPOD cup on each day of their period.

    How long does VOXAPOD period cup last and when should I replace it?

    With proper care, your VOXAPOD cup will last for several years––reducing waste and saving you money every month. The FDA recommends replacing a menstrual cup every 2-3 years. Some users choose to replace their cup more often because of its personal nature. We recommend that you inspect your cup regularly and replace it with any signs of deterioration.

    How do I know which size menstrual cup is right for me?

    For a recommendation customized to your body and the most accurate sizing, we suggest taking our cup quiz above. In general, most users can wear either size but we often recommend the small size cup if you have strong pelvic floor muscles or are a first-time cup user and the medium size if you have mild to severe incontinence or are an experienced cup user looking for longer protection. 

    How do I clean a menstrual cup?

    We recommend using warm water and a mild soap (preferably pH-balanced) free of dyes during your period. Always make sure air holes are clean and open. Sterilize your menstrual cup by boiling it for 5 minutes before your first use and at the end of each period. Store your cup in the clutch it came with or in a clean, breathable container until next use. 

    Can I return my VOXAPOD cup?

    We have a 100% happiness guarantee, perfect fit promise, and hassle-free returns, so if you’re not satisfied with your menstrual cup or fit for any reason, reach out to us here and we’ll make it right!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 138 reviews
    sirlin v (Harjumaa, Estonia)
    love it

    This is a really good product: beautiful, smart and functional. From first use no leaking, the tail is adjustable but I personally did not feel it at all even uncut (with another brand that had 3x shorter tail, it was a bit inconvenient and i felt the tip of it somehow poking). Voxapod is made from a bit harder material, but this is a plus also as it prevents messy extractions. Also, I was a bit worried about getting a Small cup as actually i have given birth 2x, but it fits perfectly, i cannot feel it and it does not leak (even though i have slightly heavier period).
    All in all: i am very happy with my new Voxapod and thinking of getting a spare one😉.

    Sirlin, We're so happy that you love the product and that it has made your period easier! We appreciate your feedback as well (we have some new cups coming that are slightly softer and I think you'll love it)! Reach out anytime with questions. : )

    J.L.S. (California, United States)

    I have been using my VOXAPOD for over 2.5 years now and it is still holding up strong and doing a great job. I feel confident and comfortable with inserting, wearing, and removing it. This was my first ever period cup and I feel no need to try any others. In fact, I just ordered a second one! Thank you Amanda and VOXAPOD for giving me the freedom to live my life during my special time of the month. #periodpower #peaceofmind

    So happy to hear you love it! Thank you for supporting our business and work! We appreciate you. xo

    Brittany G.
    High quality and peace of mind

    I was super skeptical thinking about using this, and now I cannot recommend this product enough!!! I’ve used it now for 3 cycles and this is hands down the best investment I have made all year! I did quite a bit of research and comparison shopping before I decided to purchase the VOXAPOD cup based on reviews, design, and price. I’m in my early thirties and have had one vaginal birth and am really active (run, yoga, hike, etc.). I reached out to the company to figure out what size would be best for me, because I wasn’t sure and they said they do free exchanges if the size I get doesn’t work, so I figured what do I have to lose? My flow is pretty heavy in the beginning and then tapers off by day 3-4, which is why I went with the small size and so far it has been perfect.

    I love the packaging, modern travel case, and really helpful how-to guide that has lots of helpful tips in it.

    It’s Comfortable + Saves Me Time - I can feel it for a minute or two after I insert it, and then I honestly forget it’s even there. It’s way more comfortable than tampons and I can go pretty much all day (10-12 hours) without having to empty it. I also like that I can put it in when I feel like my period is getting ready to start and not have to worry about leaking in my nice panties. I don’t have to worry about tampon pee string (ew!) or having to run to the store at the last minute when I realize I’m out or don’t have enough tampons.

    Cool Design - The silicone is really comfortable and soft to the touch. The pinch grips make it much easier to remove and somehow help break the seal. I like that the stem is thick enough to help me reach the cup, but not hard so I can’t feel it––it also doesn’t have a hole in the bottom of it so I don’t have to worry about it being hard to clean. There is a thicker band of silicone in the middle that helps the cup open up after I insert it so I always know I’m getting a good seal.

    Pretty Easy to Use - There’s a learning curve, but it’s not bad. I tried all of the folds, but the C fold was definitely the easiest for me. You basically just fold the cup in half and insert with this fold. I practiced in the shower initially, but I also just get the cup wet sometimes before I insert it to make it more comfortable. It took me a few tries the first time I used it, but overall it was pretty easy to insert. I was more afraid that it would leak, but it never did. After I insert the cup, I find that if I bare down a little or twist the cup, it reassures me that the seal has been made, and that’s probably why I haven’t had any leaks. That, and it seems to just do its job well. To remove, I can usually reach the cup just fine, but if I have ever inserted it too far, I can bare down a little to get the cup to where I can easily remove it. Don’t worry though, it can’t get lost in there. You don’t have to insert it as far as a tampon. In fact, my cup is actually the most comfortable when it sits lower in my vagina. The pinch grips make it easier to get a hold of to remove it and hang onto while emptying it in the toilet. It make take a few tries to get the hang of this, but just relax. I found that when I was vaginal muscles were tense it was harder to insert and remove. All in all, it was surprisingly more easy for me than I thought it would be, but I know it’s different for everyone, so be patient with yourself and don’t give up.

    Cleaner Than Tampons - You only have to boil the cup between periods and rinse it between uses when on your period. I give it a quick rinse in the shower or sink before inserting it, which makes it more comfortable to insert. At first I was nervous about making a mess and thought it would be a nightmare in a public bathroom, but now I just take a wet paper towel or water bottle in the stall with me to wipe it off or rinse it off before I put it back in, like they tell you to. Also, it’s way more discreet than pads or tampons with all of the crinkling wrappers that announces my period to the whole freaking bathroom. I thought it would be smelly after sitting in my vagina, but it’s not stinky at all and I actually feel way more clean than when I was using tampons.

    Saves Money - Okay, this little thing is gonna save me money every single month. It’ll pay for itself in 3 months. I used my Health Savings Account to buy it anyway, so bonus! I know there are cheaper cups on the market, but I wanted one that was made in the USA with quality silicone (not food grade), FDA registered (not just approved), and that had good customer service / return policy. I already worry about putting chemicals in my vagina with tampons, I wanted to make sure I was actually putting something safe in my body. I also love that it’s reusable and ecofriendly––makes me feel better.

    Overall, I love this product and would recommend it.

    Hi Brittany, Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful review - we appreciate the feedback and we're happy to hear that you love the product!

    Gwyneth S.
    Scared? Don't be.

    I was super scared to try this thing and it sat in my bathroom drawer for almost 3 months before I finally worked up the nerve to try it. I'm so glad I did and I wish I would have sooner. I have two kids and am still trying to shake some babe fat. My pelvic floor muscles are a little weaker but my flow isn't super heavy. I decided to go with the medium and it fits great. I can wear it all day, which helps when I'm trying to keep up with my busy toddlers. It's not smelly like pads and I love that I don't have to deal with tampon pee string anymore. Sometimes I forget I'm on my period. I'd say that's a win. Thank you, VOXAPOD, for making my life easier.

    Will NEVER go back to tampons!

    You must try this. Even if it doesn't work for everyone, if it does work for you, it's totally worth trying. I blown away at how much cleaner I feel and that I can actually forget I'm on my period sometimes. It's crazy. 10 out of 10 for me.