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    How Does a Menstrual Cup Work and How to Use It? Step-by-step Guide 2023

    how does a menstrual cup work and how to use it best tips and tricks for beginners voxapod

    When it comes to using menstrual hygiene products, menstrual cups are probably the most convenient, yet one of the least understood options out there – but don’t let that stop you. If you haven’t tried a period cup, don’t worry, we’ll give you all the deets to make it simple! Your life will become ten times easier, while saving you money, time and hassle. Not to mention, being able to avoid added stressors that you experience during your period, like worrying about leaks, stains, or being caught short on period supplies in public.

    While learning how to use a menstrual cup might seem intimidating at first, most users get the hang of it after 2-3 period cycles and never look back. Because period cups, like VOXAPOD, made with high-quality, medical-grade silicone are biocompatible, body-safe, and environmentally-friendly period care products, it makes the extra small effort to learn how to use it worthwhile. Before we talk  about how to use a period cup, let’s go over how it works.

    What is a Menstrual Cup and How Does it work?

    menstrual cup is a flexible, small cup made with a latex rubber or silicone material that is specifically designed to fit in your vagina. With VOXAPOD, we go the extra mile to manufacture our cups with the highest quality FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone to ensure there are no risks of reactions to allergens or harmful chemicals.

    While period care products, like pads and tampons, are designed to absorb your menstrual flow and can dry you out, a menstrual cup is worn internally during your period and catches and collects your flow, rather than absorbing it – working with your natural lubrication so it won’t dry you out. Start by washing your hands with warm water and soap and when you’re just about to start your period, you fold the cup tightly and insert it into your vaginal cavity like you would insert a tampon, but without an applicator. The top and sides of the cup conform to your vaginal walls, creating a foolproof seal when it is inserted properly (more on that shortly) – you shouldn’t be able to feel the cup once inserted and situated. When you remove the menstrual cup, you can dump out the blood, wash or wipe out your cup and put it back in for another round of period protection. Pretty brilliant, right? 

    The process is less intimidating than it may seem at first, and the silicone material means that you can wash and reuse your cup month after month – eliminating the cost and waste of single-use disposables, like pads and tampons. 

    A Step-by-step Guide on How to Use a Menstrual Cup 

    While it’s not rocket science learning to use a menstrual cup, it’s not uncommon to have fears about using a cup (or any new period product) for the first time. Don’t worry – it’s not painful and, for most, it is way simpler (and less messy) than they may have imagined.

    We will walk you through basic menstrual cup instructionsmenstrual cup placement, as well as the best menstrual cup tips for beginners

    If you are using your VOXAPOD menstrual cup for the first time, follow this step-by-step guide on how to use a menstrual cup. (If using a different brand, carefully follow their instructions for max wear time, etc.):

    Before first use

    Before first use and between periods, sterilize your cup by putting it in a pot of boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Drain or use tongs to take it out of the water and allow it to completely cool (or run under cold water to cool). 

    how to clean a menstrual cup with a whisk tip


    Tip: Make sure there is enough water in the pot so the cup is not resting on the bottom of the pan. Put your cup inside a wire whisk while boiling it to keep it from touching the bottom of the pot. 

    How to insert a menstrual cup

    1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap before inserting your menstrual cup.
    1. Relax in a squat, standing, sitting, or one-leg-raised position. You might want to apply water or a water-based lubricant to the lip of the cup before inserting it into the vaginal opening (to make things more comfortable).


    How to fold a menstrual cup

    1. Choose one of the following menstrual cup folding methods from the instructions below:


    Best Menstrual Cup Folds C-Fold  Punch Down Fold  7 Fold


    Tip: Try all three folds to figure out which one works best for your body, as each results in a slightly different positioning after insertion.

    1. Keeping a firm hold on your chosen fold, separate your labia with your fingers and gently guide the period cup into the opening of the vagina towards your tailbone, with the opening lip of the cup end-in first, and the flat part of the fold facing the back of the vagina.
    1. Release your hold once the base of the cup is just inside the vagina, not before. The base of the cup should not be exposed at the vaginal opening. If you can feel the base, gently push the cup beyond the entrance of your vagina. Don’t push the base of the cup more than ½ inch (1.27cm) past the vaginal opening, as this may cause leaks or make removal of the cup more difficult.

    Tip: The cup sits just inside the vaginal cavity, and does not need to be placed as high as a tampon might. The cup and stem should be completely inside of you. However, we’re all built differently, so if the stem pokes out and bothers you, it can be trimmed or removed (not while being worn or inserted).

    menstrual cup vs tampon voxapod


    Inserting Menstrual Cup Tips: rinse your menstrual cup with warm water before inserting to act as lubrication, or practice inserting your menstrual cup in the shower to help you (and your vaginal muscles) relax. This can be especially helpful when first learning how to use a menstrual cup as a beginner.

    1. Run a finger along the base of the cup to ensure there are no folds, and that the cup has opened completely to form a proper suction seal. A proper seal will prevent leaks and keep the cup from moving too high into your vaginal cavity where removal could become more challenging.

    Tip: menstrual cups work by creating a seal between the lip and sides of the cup and your vaginal walls. This can only occur when the cup is fully expanded inside of the vagina. To ensure you’ve got a good seal after inserting your menstrual cup, grasp the indents at the base of the cup with your thumb and index finger, then gently rotate it or wiggle it back and forth. 

    Bonus tip: Your menstrual cup will conform to your body and movement, naturally finding a comfortable position. If you feel like a proper seal wasn’t formed, or that the cup is positioned awkwardly, remove the cup and try re-inserting it with one of the other folds or positions.

    When inserted correctly, the cup should unfold and create a gentle seal with your vaginal wall and you shouldn’t be able to feel it at all. The blood released from your uterus during your period will flow and be collected conveniently into the sealed cup.

    Because the VOXAPOD menstrual cup is made of reusable, medical-grade silicone, it glides in (much like a plastic applicator would)––working with your natural lubrication, rather than against it.

    How long can you wear a menstrual cup?

    VOXAPOD menstrual cup holds 3-5x more than a tampon, and can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, which means you can wear it all day and night once inserted. However, how longyou wear a menstrual cup varies from user to user – mostly depending on how heavyyour menstrual flow is. 

    VOXAPOD menstrual cup should be emptied and rinsed at least every 12 hours. If you have really heavy periods and clots, or heavy flow days, you may find you need to empty the menstrual cup more frequently on those days. Your menstrual cup can be worn overnight while sleeping, during workouts, showering or bathing and doesn’t need to be removed when going to the bathroom. (No more pee string!)

    Tip: The average person loses 2-4 tablespoons of blood during their period, so you may be surprised at how little you bleed and how long you can wear your cup without emptying it. We recommend emptying it more often in the beginning until you get used to what works best for your body.

    How to Remove a Menstrual Cup

    1. Always wash your hands with soap and water before removing your menstrual cup.
    1. Relax in a squat, standing, sitting, or one-leg-raised position. It’s essential to relax your vaginal muscles to remove the cup – tensing up can make it more difficult.

    2. With your thumb and index finger, locate the base of your cup inside your vagina. If you cannot reach it, gently pull on the stem in a wiggle motion until you feel the base of the cup.

    Tip: If you can’t comfortably reach your cup, first up, don’t freak out. Your cup can’t get lost up there. (Seriously, your vagina only goes so deep.) Take another calming breath, then try using your pelvic muscles to make a series of gentle, downward pushes to help move the cup towards the opening of the vagina where it can be easily reached. Positioning yourself in a slight squat, or giving it a try in the shower can also be helpful. 

    Just remember—tensing your vaginal muscles can cause the cup to move further from the vaginal opening. So, above all, stay calm. If you have further concerns, please seek medical advice from a physician. 

    1. Once you locate the base of your VOXAPOD cup, pinch two of the base indents to break the suction seal.

    Tip: Don’t try to remove your menstrual cup by pulling on the stem alone – it will be uncomfortable. You need to pinch the base of the cup to break the suction seal before removing the cup. 

    1. While holding the indents, gently guide the cup out of your vagina. (You can wiggle it back and forth, if necessary.) Be sure to remove it at an upright angle to avoid spilling the contents of the cup.
    1. Empty the contents into a toilet or sink. Hold your cup tightly when doing so, as it will be slippery from use. You can wear your VOXAPOD menstrual cup for up to 12 consecutive hours, but may find you need to empty it more frequently depending on your menstrual flow. You should, however, empty and clean your VOXAPOD cup at least 2–3 times every 24-hour period.

    Tip: There’s no need to remove your cup while using the toilet.

    1. Rinse your menstrual cup with clean water before re-inserting it. If water isn’t accessible, you can wipe the cup with a clean tissue or just re-insert directly, rinsing as instructed at the next opportunity. If you know you’ll be in a public bathroom, try bringing a bottle of water to rinse your cup over the toilet.

    With practice, inserting and removing a menstrual cup becomes muscle memory and you’ll be able to do it without even thinking about it. 

    best reusable menstrual cup period cups soft gray medical-grade silicone top ranked highly rated


    VOXAPOD Menstrual Cup is Designed to be Easier to Use for Beginners

    VOXAPOD’spatented menstrual cup was designed by women with premium details to make it easier for first-time cup users and to be the most comfortable and reliable period protection, ever. Its unique pinch grips and stem at the base, allow for an easy, mess-free removal. It’s made with dreamy, soft medical-grade silicone with a rounded base and flexible stem so there is never any poking or chaffing near the vaginal opening – it’s like slipping into your favorite weekend sweats, but for your period.

    Don’t worry about leaks – 
    VOXAPOD menstrual cup includes Made-to-move Technology™ that was tested by athletes and active lifestyles which includes a reinforced lip and center silicone band to ensure the cup opens for a double leak-proof seal and stays put for total peace of mind. The hourglass shape and soft period cup walls move comfortably with your body. 


    best ranked menstrual cup most comfortable period cup for first time users beginners

    It is made in the USA with 100% FDA-approved, premium medical-grade silicone. It's non-toxic, BPA-free and latex-free for the person who wants a solution that's convenient, safe, and sustainable. It’s super comfortable, easy to use, and comes in two sizes so that you can find your perfect fit. 

    Still have a question?

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