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    Flow Culture

    Can virgins wear a  menstrual cup? Can you wear it with an IUD? What about swimming, sleeping, or exercising with a menstrual cup? Should I pick my cup size based on flow? Learn the facts (and debunk myths) about menstrual cups.
    Vaginismus is the involuntary tensing or spasming of the vaginal muscles when something enters it – read about Geena's journey with vaginismus, tampons, painful sex, and a hymenectomy.

    This Black History Month, meet some of the past and present pioneers who have contributed to the innovation of period products, fought for more equitable health care, and are a force of leadership in the menstrual equity movement today. 

    Best menstrual cups tips for teens, virgins, and beginners and a guide to the hymen and virginity. Learn how period cups work and if it is right for you.
    Step-by-step instructions on how to clean and store your menstrual cup. Including, how to boil or sterilize your menstrual cup after use, how to change it in a public bathroom or when traveling, how to remove stains and prevent discoloration, and when to replace your menstrual cup. Plus, insider tips for beginners!
    Next time you're powering through mood swings, cramps, sore breasts, lower back pain, or nausea, try some of these tips to make for a more healthy (and comfortable) period. Find out when to see a doctor if you're experiencing irregular periods, severe period pain, very heavy bleeding, spotting between periods, etc.

    The most common fear that people have about menstrual cups, is managing them at work, school, or away from home in public bathrooms.

    It can certainly be a little bit intimidating. So, how do you handle this when you’re not at home? I’ll share a few tips with you…

    A step-by-step guide on how to insert and remove a menstrual cup, including the best menstrual cup tips for beginners and how long you can wear a menstrual cup. Don't worry, it is way easier (and less messy) than you thought!
    What did people use before pads and tampons? When was the first menstrual cup invented? From sanitary aprons to the first commercial pads, check out some of the period products used over time to manage the monthly cycle.