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    Flow Culture

    Your period has arrived for the month, and brought some extra luggage? In this blog we cover the most common causes of the period fatigue – and most importantly, offer solutions!
    You should do a self-breast exam every month around the same time - 3-5 days after your last period. It's recommended to begin self-breast exams around the age of 20, and continue with this practice for the rest of your life, even after menopause and during pregnancy. No need to freak out if you’ve never done it – it’s never too late to start, and we will show you how in this article.
    Vaginal odors are natural, however, some may simply be a sign to visit your gynecologist. We will cover everything you need to know!

    Dealing with pubic hair may seem like a challenge, especially when you’re going through puberty (and wondering why the hell you’ve started getting hair in all the weird places). Here we collected all the best caring tips for your "down there" hair

    The best tips for keeping bloating and cramps at bay for a more comfortable period. Let’s be honest, period bloating sucks –– add cramps on top of that, and now the struggle is real. Here we collected the best tips and tricks, to help you beat the bloat and manage the cramp!
    The best menstrual cup tips and tricks for beginners and experiened pros! Plus, the absolute easiest way to change or clean your period cup in a public bathroom!
    Can virgins wear a  menstrual cup? Can you wear it with an IUD? What about swimming, sleeping, or exercising with a menstrual cup? Should I pick my cup size based on flow? Learn the facts (and debunk myths) about menstrual cups.
    Vaginismus is the involuntary tensing or spasming of the vaginal muscles when something enters it – read about Geena's journey with vaginismus, tampons, painful sex, and a hymenectomy.

    This Black History Month, meet some of the past and present pioneers who have contributed to the innovation of period products, fought for more equitable health care, and are a force of leadership in the menstrual equity movement today.