VOXAPOD™ is a benefit corporation, working to redefine what “good business” is all about.

If you didn’t know, being a benefit corporation allows decisions at the highest level to equally  consider the benefit of people and planet, in addition to profit. To ensure our integrity, VOXAPOD meets some pretty lofty standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

But hey, we already told you about who we are and what we do. So, this is how we do it.



In simple terms, we are people who speak up and take action. Especially when it comes to social justice issues, and ensuring that no girl misses an education because of her biology.


If we really want to build a better world, we’re going to do it together. We're creating a collaborative culture of diverse, exceptional people taking pride in their work, authentically caring  about others and including them in our vision for the future.



VOXAPOD is a benefit corporation, which means we believe business can be profitable while consciously considering both people and our planet. We intentionally use our resources as opportunities and tools for ethical progress.


Speaking of our planet, we are individuals who carefully consider our operation methods to reduce our carbon footprint. Keeping our work local, our products sustainable, and our effects global are a few ways we accomplish this goal.



By taking ownership of every step of the production process and supply chain, from the research and development, to manufacturing, to packaging and distribution, we ensure our cups (and sweet future products) are made with integrity and excellence.


Brands are made of people, and business is a human endeavor. Our dream for VOXAPOD is to be a collective of people who aren’t afraid to have difficult (and at times squirmy) conversations if they’ll empower us to change the world for the better.



To really change how things work, you have to see them as they could be. We portray women as the strong, intelligent creatures they are, driving inspiration by featuring the adventures, accomplishments and good that women are doing in the world.


Simply put, it's the right thing to do. Lasting impact is made through the intentional giving of time, talents and resources. We aren't just building a business, we're using business to do good.


Open positions.

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VOXAPOD has no open positions at this time. Still, we’re always looking for great, passionate people. Shoot us an email and say hello standup@voxapod.com.

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