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What in the heck is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a healthier, more eco-responsible alternative to pads and tampons. It is a small silicone cup that folds and inserts like a tampon, but works better and lasts longer. VOXAPOD™ collects your menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it, which means there are no fibers emitting toxins into your body. There is no irritation. No dryness. No odors (Yep, you heard me: period stink free). No strings. No padding. No interrupting your natural pH balance. VOXAPOD™ is so comfortable, you will most likely forget it's even there.

How does VOXAPOD work?

VOXAPOD is folded and inserted into the vaginal cavity, much like a tampon. When inserted correctly, the cup should unfold and create a gentle seal with your vaginal wall. For maximum comfort, the cup is designed to contour and move with your body during physical activities and other lifestyle demands. There is little to no sensation of the cup when properly inserted. Most women forget they are wearing it. The cup needs to be emptied at least every 12 hours, but can be worn overnight. It can be worn during showering or bathing and does not need to be removed when going to the bathroom.

What is it made out of?

All VOXAPOD™ menstrual cups are manufactured (Certified to ISO 9001:2008) in the United States using 100% FDA-approved medical-grade silicone, as well as complying with our own company core values that seeks the very best for women's health and the environment. The premium medical-grade silicone used to manufacture VOXAPOD is the same silicone used for human implantation (not breast implants) by the medical industry. All of our products are made and tested in the United States. We consciously consider the sources of every part of the production process that goes into making VOXAPOD products. In doing so, we don't skimp anywhere if it means compromising quality or values. We have your health and your body at the forefront of our decision-making process. Always.

Is VOXAPOD safe?

VOXAPOD™ is safe for human use and made with biocompatible, FDA-approved medical grade silicone in a clean room manufacturing facility that complies with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulation. All VOXAPOD cups are manufactured using the highest industry standards and regulation. The medical grade silicone used to manufacture VOXAPOD does not leach chemicals or toxins, and is BPA, latex-free, and not animal tested. We consciously consider the sources of every part of the production process that goes into making VOXAPOD products. In doing so, we don't skimp anywhere if it means compromising quality or values.

Was VOXAPOD tested by real humans?

Yes! VOXAPOD is one of the only menstrual cups in the market that tested prototypes with a large group of diverse women to receive user feedback that informed our final design. With over 18 months of research and development with our test group, we are proud to say VOXAPOD was created by women for everyone.

VOXAPOD is animal cruelty free and vegan.

Is my VOXAPOD an authentic original?

Always do your research and exercise caution when making a menstrual cup purchase, as there are several menstrual cups available in the market today that are manufactured with questionable and compromising materials and methods. To ensure your VOXAPOD is an authentic original, our logo is embossed on the product. VOXAPOD™ is utility patent-pending and protected by the USTPO (United States Trademark and Patent Office).

Can anyone wear VOXAPOD?

Yes. VOXAPOD is for all menstruators. It is designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes. And yet, just like our bodies, every cup is a little different. We've made a few special (and important) design tweaks based on real human feedback to create something pretty cool to period-proof your day.

How long does a menstrual cup last?

VOXAPOD only uses the best FDA-approved, materials with your health and the environment in mind. With proper care, your VOXAPOD will last for several years. The FDA recommends replacing a menstrual cup every 2-3 years. Some women choose to replace their cup more often because of its personal nature. We recommend that you inspect your cup regularly and replace it with any signs of deterioration.

Which size to choose?

While most users can wear either size VOXAPOD, it is best to choose based on cervix height during menstruation, flow amount, and general physique. Age and birthing history are not great indicators for sizing. Please visit our Sizing Guide page for more information.

Cervix Height

Your cervix is the small opening that allows menstrual flow to be released from the uterus into the vaginal cavity. It can be felt with your finger and feels like a small donut-shaped nub with an indention in the middle. Your cervix height often varies during your cycle, and is commonly at its lowest point during your heaviest flow days.

With clean hands, gently insert your longest finger until you feel your cervix along the vaginal wall. It may be soft or firm depending on where you’re at in your cycle. The following describes the variation in measurement:

Low Cervix: You can feel your cervix with your finger inserted less than half way.

Medium Cervix: You can feel your cervix with your finger inserted to the middle knuckle.

High Cervix: You can feel your cervix with your finger inserted beyond the middle knuckle or cannot reach your cervix at all.

When VOXAPOD is inserted correctly, it should not cause discomfort. If the cup is inserted too deep into the vaginal canal and positioned in contact with the cervix, it can cause discomfort. For optimal comfort, your VOXAPOD should be positioned beneath the cervix.

Low Cervix Note

VOXAPOD is one of the shortest cups on the market and able to accommodate low cervix better than most cups. The cup itself is designed to sit low away from the cervix at the base of the vaginal canal. The stem may be trimmed to a desired length for your comfort.

Where can I buy VOXAPOD?

The VOXAPOD crew is working hard everyday to bring you the very best in period care. You can now pre-order your VOXAPOD on our website HERE.



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Will it get 'lost' in there?

Nope. No worries on this one. Your vagina is not a black hole that leads to the great unknown (although that could be argued); it is a muscular tube about 4-5 inches deep that has an opening and an end. VOXAPOD is inserted just inside the opening of the vagina and is uniquely designed to hold in place the entire time that you wear it. Whew!

The fear of losing the cup in your vaginal cavity is a common one amongst users. It’s a bit like being 13 again, staring at a tampon and wondering how it is going to work. There is a learning curve to using a menstrual cup, and it can take a few cycles before you feel comfortable inserting and removing your cup. With practice, most users figure out the best fold and position for inserting and removal, and often describe finding a placement (‘sweet spot’) within their vaginal canal that feels the most comfortable to them.

It is important to remain calm, as panicking can cause the vaginal muscle to tighten and potentially make cup removal more difficult. Remember to relax your mind and muscles and take the time to learn your body and the techniques that work best for you.

How to insert VOXAPOD

VOXAPOD is folded and inserted into the vaginal cavity, much like a tampon. There are different folds you can use to insert your VOXAPOD. Regardless of which fold you prefer, this can take some practice to learn what works best for you and at which angle inserting is the easiest. The cup should remain folded until all the way inside the vaginal cavity, at which point releasing your grip will allow the cup to open up inside the vaginal cavity forming a gentle seal with the vaginal wall to prevent leaking. There is a learning curve and familiarizing yourself with your own anatomy when first learning to use a menstrual cup. Most women will require 2-3 full cycles of use with their VOXAPOD before sorting out which insertion method and approach works best for them.

Tip: Practicing insertion and removal in the shower in the beginning can make the process easier.

How to fold my VOXAPOD for insertion?

There are three common folds that women use when inserting their VOXAPOD. You may want to practice all of the folding methods to find out which method works best for you. Be sure to keep your cup folded until it is completely inside of your vaginal cavity.

Is the VOXAPOD positioned correctly?

VOXAPOD should be positioned completely inside the vaginal cavity below your cervix in order to ‘catch’ your flow. The positioning varies slightly with each woman depending on how high or low their cervix is and how curved or straight their vaginal canal is. After practicing for 2-3 cycles, most women will figure out where their ‘sweet spot’ is for positioning their cup. When VOXAPOD is inserted correctly, you should have a leak-free experience and have little to no sensation of the cup. This can take practice for some women, so be patient with yourself and remember to relax your vaginal muscles when inserting and removing.

Tip: Some women spot from the menstrual fluid that is already in the canal prior to insertion, which is not an indicator that you inserted the cup improperly. Also, while first learning to use a cup, it can be helpful to wear a liner, pad or period panties as backup and reassurance.

I can’t get my cup in

Learning to insert your cup with ease can take practice. The most important thing to remember is to relax your pelvic muscles. You may need to try different folding methods and angles to figure out what works best for you. You may also try positioning your body in different ways to find the easiest insertion method: sitting on the toilet, propping one leg up on the side of the toilet or bathtub, stand with knees slightly bent, or in the shower with one leg up on the side of the shower wall. If you do not have success at first, come back to it at a later time rather than irritating the delicate tissue around your vaginal opening.

Most women require 2-3 cycles to figure out what positioning method for insertion works best for them. Stick with it, the payoff is huge and so worth it!


We recommend you wet your cup with water to help facilitate insertion. When first learning to use a cup, practicing in the shower can be helpful. We do not recommend that you use other lubricants as they may compromise the silicone of your VOXAPOD.

How long can I wear VOXAPOD?

VOXAPOD offers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. Women release anywhere from 2 Tablespoons to ½ cup of menstrual fluid (including clots) per cycle, with the average being 2-3 tablespoons per cycle. That means you will empty your cup based on how heavy your flow is, which will vary from woman to woman and whether it is a 'heavy' day or 'light' day. Most women can empty their cup once in the morning before starting their day and again before bed. Your cup should be emptied at least twice during a 24 hour period. Empty your cup more frequently on your heavy flow days, and do not to let your cup overflow during use. It is not necessary to empty your cup when you urinate or have a bowel movement.

Overnight Use

VOXAPOD can be worn for up to 12 consecutive hours, therefore can be safely worn overnight. With time you will figure out how frequently to empty your cup at various points in your cycle. Do not let your cup overflow while wearing it.

How to remove VOXAPOD?

To remove your VOXAPOD, you need to break the suction by pinching the base of the cup. Do not try to remove the cup by pulling the stem alone. Use the stem to wiggle the cup to a point where you can reach the base of the cup to pinch at the indentions to release the suction seal of the cup. Most importantly, relax your vaginal muscles, and while holding the base indentions, gently pull VOXAPOD™ from the vaginal cavity, gently wiggling it back and forth if necessary. Remove at an angle to avoid spilling the contents of the cup.

Note: If you find it difficult to reach your VOXAPOD™, relax and use your vaginal muscles in a series of gentle, downward pushes to help move the cup to a descent where it can be easily reached. Position yourself on the toilet or in a slight squatting position if necessary, relaxing your pelvic muscles to allow the cup to move towards the vaginal opening. If you have further concerns, please seek medical advice from a physician.

How often to empty my cup?

You can wear your VOXAPOD cup for up to 12 consecutive hours, but may find you need to empty it more frequently depending on your menstrual flow. We recommend you empty and clean your VOXAPOD at least 2-3 times in a 24-hour period. Empty your cup more frequently on your heavy flow days, and do not to let your cup overflow during use. It is not necessary to empty your cup when you urinate or have a bowel movement. After several cycles of use, most women say they know how frequent and when to empty VOXAPOD.

Can I trim the stem of my VOXAPOD?

You can trim or remove the stem of your VOXAPOD based on your personal preference. The purpose of the stem is to help you reach the base of your VOXAPOD for removal. If you experience protrusion or discomfort from your stem because you have a lower cervix, you can remove or trim it to a desired length. Never attempt to trim the stem of your VOXAPOD while in use.

Never use the stem alone to remove your cup. You must first break the suction of your cup by pinching the grips at the base before attempting removal.

Can I swim in a VOXAPOD?

Yes! We hope you not only swim your best lap time, but shower, surf, kiteboard, and float in the waters off the Polynesian Islands with your VOXAPOD. VOXAPOD does not absorb like alternative period products, such as pads and tampons. It creates a seal after being inserted that prevents that annoying diluted bloody water run you get with absorbent disposables after being in the water. VOXAPOD collects your menstrual fluid rather than absorbing, making water adventures carefree!

No more tucking tampon strings inside your swimsuit!

Exercise, Sports and Activities

VOXAPOD™ is period care that was innovated by an active woman to address the problems she was having with tampons when active.

VOXAPOD has a patent-pending, compact design that creates a fool-proof seal to prevent leaks, and is shaped using flexible silicone to contour with the natural movements of your body. With up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, VOXAPOD helps you keep up with your lifestyle demands, whether it's running meetings all day, chasing kids, hardcore athletic training, military service, extensive travel, or a day hike in the woods. We got your backside. Literally and figuratively.

Can I do yoga or inversions when using VOXAPOD?

Yes, Many users do yoga and inversions while using their menstrual cup. However, some women prefer not to invert their body while menstruating as a personal choice. In other words, it’s your body, you call the shots.

Can I use VOXAPOD with an intrauterine device (IUD)?

Many women use a menstrual cup in conjunction with an IUD or NuvaRing®. While the risk of early IUD expulsion due to menstrual cup use is theoretically a possibility, there is no evidence that demonstrates that women who use a menstrual cup for period management have a higher rate of early IUD expulsion, according to this study from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI) where nearly 750 women participated.

Be sure to always break the suction seal of your VOXAPOD before removing it to help prevent expulsion.

If you have questions about the use of your VOXAPOD™ and IUD's, please consult your physician for benefits and risks.

Retroverted “Tilted” Uterus

Everyone’s body is different, so what works for one, may not work for another. Users with a Retroverted or “Tilted” uterus have successfully used VOXAPOD. Users with a severely ‘tilted’ uterus may need to practice which angle and method of insertion works best for them, which can take a few cycles.

When VOXAPOD is inserted correctly, it should not cause discomfort. If the cup is inserted too deep into the vaginal canal and positioned in contact with the cervix, it can cause discomfort. For optimal comfort, your VOXAPOD should be positioned beneath the cervix.

If you have questions or concerns, please consult with your physician.

Birth Control and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

VOXAPOD should be used only for period care protection. VOXAPOD should always be removed prior to sexual intercourse. It should not be used as a form of birth control and it will not protect you from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).


VOXAPOD is made from FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone. The healthcare industry has used medical-grade silicone for decades because studies have indicated that it is biocompatible for the human body. The VOXAPOD™ cup is latex free and Bisphenol-A (BPA) free. If you experience sensitivity or discomfort when using your cup, discontinue use immediately and consult with your physician.

Can I wear VOXAPOD when pregnant or for postnatal bleeding?

VOXAPOD should only be used for period care protection, it should not be worn for pregnancy discharge or postnatal bleeding or for any other purposes.

When Not to Use VOXAPOD

If you have a vaginal infection or are experiencing discomfort, discontinue use of your VOXAPOD immediately and consult with your physician. There are no known increased risks of infections with the use of a menstrual cup.

VOXAPOD should be used only for period care protection, it should not be worn for postnatal bleeding or for any other purposes.


Care & Cleaning

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Before First Use and Between Cycles

To sterilize before your first use and between cycles, fully submerge your VOXAPOD in boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Do not leave unattended and be sure there is enough boiling water to keep the cup from sitting directly on the bottom of the pan where it could be damaged. Be careful removing the cup from the boiling water as contents will be hot and could burn you. If using immediately, run cold water over the menstrual cup to bring it to a comfortable temperature for insertion. Otherwise, allow cup to cool and completely air-dry before storing.

Do not wash your VOXAPOD in the dishwasher, as dishwasher detergents often contain harsh chemicals that can cause irritation or compromise the integrity of the silicone of your cup.

During Your Period

Rinse your VOXAPOD with cold water first (to help prevent discoloration) and then wash it with warm water before and after each use. If using a mild soap or other natural purpose cleaning product that could leave residue, please note that it could cause irritation upon insertion or deteriorate the silicone of your menstrual cup.

If water is not accessible, you may wipe the cup with a clean tissue or just empty and re-insert directly, rinsing at the next opportunity.

DO NOT USE bleach, vinegar, tea tree oil, scented soap, oil based soap, alcohol, hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soap or other harsh cleaners or chemicals to clean your VOXAPOD™

When cleaning your cup, make sure the suction holes are clear and clean. Removing build-up will allow the cup to seal properly. To remove debris, gently stretch each hole under running warm water.

Always use safe-to-drink, potable, clean water to clean your VOXAPOD.

Will the cup be covered in blood when I remove it?

After the cup is inserted, it forms a seal with the vaginal wall beneath the cervix, so that menstrual fluid being released through the cervix is collected inside the cup. The outside of the cup will typically be coated in your natural lubrication, making it easier to remove, empty and re-insert. If the cup is inserted after your period has already started, there may be some blood on the outside of the cup from your flow.

If properly inserted and removed, fluid of any kind should be minimal. There is a learning curve for most users in the beginning that may require practice to ensure that your VOXAPOD is properly sealed upon insertion.

What if I need to empty my cup in a public bathroom?

No problem. Wash your hands really well before heading into the stall. Carefully remove your cup, empty the contents into the toilet, wipe the outside of the cup with a clean tissue for re-insertion, or rinse your cup with water from a water bottle, and re-insert your cup. It's pretty simple. Just mind the lubrication on the outside of your cup, which can make it a bit slippery. You can wash your cup more thoroughly at your convenience or upon returning home.


Once your VOXAPOD is properly cleaned and dry, it can be stored in its original storage container. Do not store your cup in an airtight container as there is no airflow to allow moisture to evaporate.


It is not uncommon for menstrual cups to discolor over time with use for various reasons. Mild to moderate discoloration does not impact the performance of your VOXAPOD. We recommend that you regularly inspect your VOXAPOD and replace it if there are signs of deterioration. To help prevent discoloration, rinse your cup with cold water before washing it with mild soap and warm water.


With proper care and cleaning, your VOXAPOD should remain odorless. If your cup develops an unusual odor, this could be the result of using a harsh cleaner, in which case the integrity of the silicone may have been compromised and your cup should be replaced.


Quality & Standards

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Value Statement

At VOXAPOD we Innovate products that consider people and the planet first. We take ownership for every step of the production process and supply chain, from the research, development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution because you deserve a product made with integrity and excellence.


All VOXAPOD products are manufactured at a facility that is registered and regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 Certified (will be ISO 9001:2015 Certified by Spring 2018), which ensures that VOXAPOD is made in compliance with the requirements for continual improvement and customer satisfaction set forth by the International Organization of Standardization.


VOXAPOD is a thoughtfully innovated design unlike any other on the market, and is currently utility patent-pending and protected by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). To ensure you are purchasing an original VOXAPOD, each cup has the VOXAPOD logo embossed on the product itself.

Behind the Product

We are more than a brand. We are a company composed of real people aspiring for a better future, and putting in the work to create positive social change. Just like you. We promise to be transparent. To be real. To be human. We are building VOXAPOD™ from the ground up with passion and purpose, and we hope you'll join us for the journey.

Still have a question? Email us at or submit a question here.