VOXAPOD Sizing Guide

Most menstruators can wear either size of VOXAPOD™ cups, however, we have found there are some general guidelines to consider when choosing the size cup that is best for you. Some brands recommend you choose a menstrual cup size based on your age, sexual activity, or birthing history, but we do not believe those to be accurate guidelines. Rather, it is best to consider your cervix height, menstrual flow, general physique, and vaginal wall strength. 

Sound complicated? We promise to make it easy! Let's break it down...

VOXAPOD Sizing Guide

Medium Size recommended for

Small Size recommended FOR

Medium to Heavy Flow
Higher Capacity
Longer Protection
Medium to High Cervix

Light to Medium Flow
First-time cup users
Low to Medium Cervix


Cervix Height

Everyone's cervix is positioned different within the vaginal canal. Some menstruators have a low sitting cervix and some a high. Also keep in mind, that for most menstruators their cervix will descend slightly in the vaginal canal during their menstrual cycle.  

With clean hands, gently insert your longest finger until you feel your cervix (donut shaped and feels like pursed lips) along the vaginal wall. It may be soft or firm depending on where you’re at in your cycle. The following describes the variation in measurement:

Low Cervix: You can feel your cervix with your finger inserted less than half way.

Medium Cervix: You can feel your cervix with your finger inserted to the middle knuckle.

High Cervix: You can feel your cervix with your finger inserted beyond the middle knuckle or cannot reach your cervix at all.

When VOXAPOD is inserted correctly, it should not cause discomfort. If the cup is inserted too deep into the vaginal canal and positioned in contact with the cervix, it can cause discomfort. For optimal comfort, your VOXAPOD should be positioned beneath the cervix.

Low Cervix Note

VOXAPOD is one of the shortest cups on the market and able to accommodate low cervix better than most cups. The cup itself is designed to sit low away from the cervix at the base of the vaginal canal. The stem may be trimmed to a desired length for your comfort.

Period Flow

VOXAPOD™ Small is designed to accommodate a Light to Medium Flow. VOXAPOD™ Medium is designed to accommodate a Medium to Heavy Flow. Some menstruators prefer having both sizes to use at different points in their cycle.

General Physique 

Everyone's body is unique and shaped slightly different. How VOXAPOD fits inside of you will vary from others. Your unique shape, pelvic muscle strength, and vaginal condition can determine which cup works better for you. Women whose pelvic floor muscles are strong often prefer VOXAPOD Small while women whose pelvic floor muscles are not as strong might prefer VOXAPOD Medium. 

Still in doubt?

From our experience, a combination of VOXAPOD Small and VOXAPOD Medium is optimal. Use VOXAPOD Small during your light days and when your cervix drops in your cycle, and use VOXAPOD Medium during your heavy days. Dual packs will be offered at a discounted price.

Remember that both cups can work for you. If you have a heavy flow and use a VOXAPOD Small, you would only need to empty it more frequently, and if you have a light flow and use a VOXAPOD Medium it will not be full when emptied.

More questions? Check out our FAQ page here or contact us at hello@voxapod.com for assistance.