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    Menstruation is controlled by a balance of reproductive hormones in the body. When stressed, the body produces more cortisol and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH)–also known as the stress hormones–which can suppress normal levels of reproductive hormones and even cause late or missed periods. We’ve rounded up 7 natural remedies for managing stress during your period.

    Your cervix plays an important role in your reproductive health, yet it may feel like a bit of an enigma if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We break it down: what it is, how-to guide on finding it, cervical position and mucus throughout your menstrual cycle, cervical sexual pleasure, and how to size for a menstrual cup using your cervix.

    Did you know your hormone cycle has four phases over a 28(ish)-day period, which means that your body functions differently every week of the month. Tracking your period can be helpful to note fertility windows, patterns or symptoms—such as headaches, period fatigue, energy boosts, or sex drive. Here are 8 of the best period and fertility tracking apps to try.

    Here’s a breakdown of 10 essential vitamins and minerals you may be missing and how to build them into your diet, including a fair amount of scientific support for eating more avocado toast! Vitamin deficiencies can put you at risk for current or future health complications or be the root cause of why you’ve been feeling tired, weak, moody, unable to focus or get proper sleep. Learn more.

    You’re probably familiar with common period symptoms—like mood swings, curious cravings, heavy bleeding, unexplained crying, bloating or even pain. But, have you ever wondered how periods affect your sleep cycle and energy levels? We break it down by each phase of your menstrual cycle. Learn more.

    Ugh. No one wants to deal with period leaks, or emergency bathroom runs! The truth is, menstrual cup leaks can happen to anyone, but in most cases, it isn’t the cup’s fault and it can be easily fixed. Here’s 8 reasons why your menstrual cup might be leaking, and what you can do about it.

    As a benefit corporation, we are constantly implementing ways to be more sustainable in our everyday life. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably enjoy these simple yet powerful products to help Mother Nature and ourselves in the process.

    Menstrual hygiene persists as one of the greatest public health challenges, and because of widespread shame and taboo surrounding menstruation, it has been one of the most difficult to talk about. The stats will shock you.

    We’ve put together a list of do-it-yourself remedies to treat your PMS woes at home. Whether it’s some nurturing you are looking for or pain relief to keep up with your daily grind, rather than breaking out the Midol this round, give one of these 7 natural remedies for menstrual cramps a try.