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    Worry-free Hip Hugger Period Underwear
    BZ (California, United States)

    Thankful to finally find hip-hugger period underwear! These are much more comfortable than the other styles. I use these with the cup or on lighter days. I'm allergic to disposable pantyliners and I'm tired of using cloth liners which don't stay in place.

    BZ, We're so happy to hear you love the hip-hugger fit and material - stretchy and comfy without allergic reaction for the win! Cheers to a better period! Reach out anytime with questions! xo

    Don't look anymore–-this is the best cup, ever!

    Okay, first of all, let's just say, I was a HUGE skeptic. This is one of those products where I thought they just made it look easy to sell it, but I braced myself for a steep learning curve and discomfort.

    That being said, I was totally surprised not only at how well it worked but at how unbelievably comfortable this cup was!! Obviously, there’s a small learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to insert it, but honestly, it was pretty comfortable for me even the first time I used it. Sometimes I would have to adjust it because there was some leakage from the cup being positioned wrong, which I eventually figured out and now doesn't happen. I would definitely recommend using a panty liner or period underwear while you're learning to use this, not because the cup doesn't work, but to make it easier while you get the hang of it. I also used a liner to test the "wear for 12 hours” thing on my heavy flow days. Now I can definitely tell when my cup is full and needs to be emptied. Sometimes I forget how long it has been and forget to empty it because it's so comfortable, so period underwear just gives me peace of mind since I'm a heavy bleeder. On my heavy days, I need to empty my cup every 8-10 hours, but on my moderate to light days I can go pretty much all day. Still, I've never had to empty it at work or when I'm out and about, and I've never had a leak in public whatsoever.

    Once you figure out which cup fold works best for you (c-fold is my fave), your muscle memory will just sort of kick in. I was really concerned it was going to take me a long time to figure out how to insert it, but that has actually been one of the easiest parts for me, and yet I know everyone is different. You just want to make sure you place the cup below your cervix so it doesn’t leak. My cervix lays a bit lower than most, so this cup is perfect for me, but of course everyone is different. Once you figure out where to position the cup for your body, the process is super easy. I’ve used this cup EVERY MONTH for 9 months and I couldn’t imagine ever switching back to bulky pads or super uncomfortable/unhealthy tampons!

    I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence, but my cramps have been a lot better too since switching to this cup. They seem less intense and less frequent. This alone has made switching totally worth it!!!! This product has already paid for itself 3 times over in less than a year. GET THIS CUP!!! I promise you, it’s sooooo worth it!!!!

    Snug at first but I love them

    The leg holes were snug at first which probably helps prevent leaks. It wasn't uncomfortable but weird at first. After I wore them for an entire day they stretched to my thigh size and are super comfy. I also love that they aren't bulky. They feel like my regular underwear. I recommend and will be orderign more.


    I love this product! It smells like subtle wintergreen so I don't mind wearing it at the office. I usually keep it by my nightstand and use it with my heating pad when I'm reading in bed and it is so soothing and comforting. I definitely will buy again! It's worth trying if you struggle with cramps like me.

    Great for bigger girlies

    I love love these! And so does my fupa lol. It combined my two favourite things: period panties and high waist. Absorbent, comfy and no odors!! If you're tired of your stomach hanging over your panties definitely get these.

    Seals perfectly!!

    I was afraid it would collapse in itself, but it's good quality and sturdy. The size is perfect for my medium cup, the water completely covers it. 100% recommend it!

    finally, less painful cramps!!!

    great results and will buy again!

    Best arnica cream

    I love that the texture isn't greasy like other creams, great purchase! It has a slight warming effect and smells amazing. It's not a super strong smell, but I love it. I re-apply about every 3-4 hours on my really crampy days and I'm able to actually forget I'm on my period sometimes.


    I love anything high-waisted. I'm a mom in her mid 30s with a heavy flow and these worked great! I wore two per day, no odors and no leaks. Trying to convince my daughter to try them!

    Calming Vulva Oil
    Corrine Nicole
    Exactly what I've been looking for

    I needed a product that would help me prevent dryness down there and this is exactly it. 5/5!

    Good as a back up for heavy flow

    I have a really heavy flow, to the point that sometimes I change my cup every 3 hours. I love pairing these with my cup, it gives me extra piece of mind. It's also great at the end of my period, or on lighter days. Then I'll just use these.

    so moisturizing!

    the description of the product doesn't lie. It's nourishing and calming. Love it!

    no PFAS

    After the Thinx debacle I was very wary of buying new undies. I'm tired of being lied to and having women products be a minefield. Voxapod is pfa free and gives back. The undies were comfy and absorbent.

    Wish I had this sooner

    Sterilizing and cleaning my cup is soo easy now. I always felt guilty that I never sterilized my cup and I never have to worry about that again. Thanks for making it!!

    Great, sustainable product!

    Great for in-between days

    Sometimes I'm tired of sticking a tampon up there but a liner just won't do, and I don't want to wear a pad. These are perfect for those days!! Feels as comfortable as normal underwear and no odor AT ALL. Great purchase

    2nd Time Ordering (Originally Purchased 2 OF The Clear Ones). I Decided To Purchase Again For My Trip To Mexico In Grey. Good Capacity, Opens Easily, Cute Design, Excellently Constructed. I Can Only Use On My High Cervix Days. Not Good For Those With A Low Cervix. Very Comfortable But Too Long (Even With The Stem...Which You Really Cannot Feel).

    I wanted a more natural pain reliever

    I didn't want to put weird chemicals on my body and I wanted to try something besides taking ibuprofen all the time. This cream feels good on my skin and the container actually lasts for a long time because a little goes a long way. I love the herbal smell, definitely recommend it for cramps and breast tenderness!

    post-wax care oil

    I use it after every waxing appoinment and it's great. About to finish my second bottle!


    I didn't want to use my pots to boil my cup so I've been looking for this forever! So simple to use and clean my cup. Great price too. It fits my bigger size disc and menstrual cup. The one I had before was too small and the water never covered it completely. This is the best I have found!

    Great quality

    I'm a runner and I've struggled finding the right menstrual product. I don't want to put a cup up there but I'm also tired of tampons.

    I needed something comfortable that I could trust, I didn't want to check for leaks every two seconds. I bought the two pack and was happily surprised. No leaks and they did not ride up or smell at all.

    Easy to wash and didn't make a mess, I definitely recommend this for other runners and to my hiking friends.

    love the smell :)

    it really does have a cramp relieving effect and a nice smell!

    So good!

    Really like sleeping in these, no leaks and super comfy! I don't even wear pajama shorts on hot summer nights, that's how much I trust these. Don't feel like diapers, doesn't smell and lasts for more than 10 hours!! Definitely best for lighter days

    Calming Vulva Oil
    Great buy

    Menopause brought along some uncomfortable changes, but this oil has been a godsend. It keeps me moisturized and comfortable throughout the day. I love that it also helps with any unwanted odor. It's become a staple in my routine, and I wouldn't want to be without it.

    My favourite arnica formula on the market

    I've known about the benefits of arnica for ages but I couldn't find the right product. Most of them I've tried have way too much menthol and stink like a medicine chest. This one is my favorite. The smell is subtle and actually smells good, plus it works. It's my go-to arnica product right now!