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    On-the-go Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

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    Sizing Chart

    Rosewater Pink
    Morning Mist Gray

    for washing + sterilizing reusable period products 
    in public bathrooms or at home

    It’s a must-have for

    Public Bathrooms - works like a portable sink to rinse period cup before re-inserting
    Travel - pack light and conveniently clean on the go 
    Shared kitchens - no more using cookware for your period cup
    Long workdays - worry-free cleaning in shared bathrooms
    Camping - no sink, no problem––pack your own water and adventure on

    Why you’ll love it

    Microwave-safe - heat-resistant silicone (up to 200° c / 400° f) safe for boiling water
    Convenient - sterilize your reusable period products anywhere
    Collapsible, compact design - easily fits in most pockets or bags
    Solid rim + secure lid - protects skin from hot water and prevents spills 
    Reusable - lasts for years and reduces waste 

    “This is brilliant and so easy to use––it fits in my back pocket and is a public bathroom lifesaver! My period cup is so much cleaner which gives me total peace of mind.” -Zoë

    Designed for VOXAPOD menstrual cups - wide top fits most reusable period care brands (menstrual cups, menstrual discs, kegel weights, etc.)

    3 in / 76 mm wide inside at top 
    2.4 in / 60 mm tall when expanded

    Contains: 1 collapsible container with lid